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MoviePilot article about the upcoming Captain America: Civil War

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Marvel vs. DC ROUND 2!

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Any of my watchers or friends that play Mass Effect, I need some help.  I'm writing a novel and I need help developing a face for the main character and another character.  Anyone who owns a Mass Effect game, I ask that you take the time to make a face and link me to a picture of him in your stash or some other kind of picture.

I need a male character around the age of 30.  I'm accepting any ideas for the look of face, hairstyle, hair color, etc.
He has a personality where he's tortured by painful memories and has an undying thirst for vengeance.  He is also a former soldier.  Not evil looking, but has the look that he's been through far more than the average person should go through.

I need another character, female around 25.  Short black hair.  Again, very open to facial feature design.  Her personality is very angry and also very vengeful with no mercy or feeling for whoever has to die.  She is evil.

Please help me out!


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United States
I mostly do digital art using Inkscape when I have the time and inspiration. I write stories too. Mostly MLP fanfics. I am however planning on writing an actual novel sometime in the future, but as far as that goes it's still in the air. But if I can't get it done, then I'll see about giving someone else the idea of the story and see if they have the time to do it. Hit me up if you like my art or just simply want to chat. Peace.

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